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Infinite Companion is more than a record label, it is a home for artists whose music exists beyond the expected, whose work radiates positivity. A home for visionaries of cosmic proportion. 



The second single from OMA”s upcoming release, “Ti Baba” has just premiered at Northern Transmissions. Watch it here and then pre-save their debut EP on your streaming platform of choice here:

“A thoughtful blend of electronic, pop and world music. There’s finesse in every note, many of which are designed to intrigue the ear, rather than please it. “ - Northern Transmissions

Refinery29 says it perfectly:

There are few artists out there who I'd say defy classification — if anything, most of them just fit into multiple genres. But with OMA, a married duo from Réunion Island, there are truly so many styles and influences happening in this track that it is like a history of music lesson to pick them all apart; African instrumentation, French pop arrangements, indie pop vocals mixed with African chanting, and a touch of Bollywood performative style merge into one gorgeous track. It will be like nothing else you listen to.

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OMA’s “Dance” premieres at FLOOD Magazine

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“Devotion” Premiere

The debut single from Pure Bathing Culture’s upcoming release “Night Pass” is out now.

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PBC announce tour with American Football


PBC announces duo

tour with Lucius

Pure Bathing Culture will be playing their first ever duo shows this spring with Lucius.

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LOVE//WARRIOR is out now.

"Explosions of positivity with empowering lyrics and upbeat tempos meant for dancefloor catharsis."



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